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Bourbon Princess - Still Asleep

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Продолжительность: 04:49
Скачали: 215
Жанр: Dance & House
Формат: mp3
Размер: 11.05 MB

Текст песни:

Better come back my friend.
Gonna lock you in my legs again,
pin you to my bed and put a pillowcase
over your handsome head.
Feed you roses and live wires,
drain all the air out of your tires.
You're stuck with me my friend,
stuck with me until the bitter end.
Gorgeous in your swimming pool.
The mailman was made a fool
when I answered your door in nothing
but my tall leather boots.
You better not go right now.
The sky blows red when the sun goes down.
Want you here with me.
We'll watch it drop down, into the sea.
Well, he follows me within my dreams,
meets me on the corner of Shepherd St.
The one with dimly-lit cafes.
We'll find it there ok, we'll find it alright.
We're still asleep anyway.
Can taste the salt and drink on your lips.
Can certainly feel your hands on my hips.
Turn off the phone.
As of now, there ain't nobody home.
I'm gonna make you late to work,
gonna ride you through the night 'til it hurts.
You're stuck with me my friend until
the bitter end.

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